Ẹgbẹ́ Onímọ̀-Èdè Yorùbá Nàìjíríà
(Yorùbá Studies Association of Nigeria)

1. Name 

The Association shall be called Ẹgbẹ́ Onímọ̀-Èdè Yorùbá Nàìjíríà (The Yoruba Studies Association of Nigeria).

2. Aims

The Aims of the Association shall be:

a)      To promote the academic development of Yoruba studies.

b)      To initiate, encourage and support scholarly research in Yoruba Studies.

c)      To promote and encourage the development of courses in Yoruba Studies at all levels of education in Nigeria and Overseas.

d)     To establish a learned journal of Yoruba Studies to be published regularly. (The aspiration of the Association is to publish the journal entirely in Yoruba, but it may initially be bilingual).

e)      To undertake such other activities as are consistent with the foregoing aims.

3. Membership

(a)    Membership of the Association shall be open to all persons who are interested in furthering the aims and objectives of the Association.

(b)   Membership of the Association shall be of three categories, namely: 

(c)    (i) Full Membership, which shall be open to all persons who are professionally concerned with Yoruba Studies.
(ii) Associate Membership, which shall be open to all persons who are interested in furthering the aims of the Association but who do not qualify for full membership.
(iii)Honorary Membership, which shall be conferred from time to time on distinguished persons who are deemed by the Executive of the Association to be worthy of such an honour.

(d)   No person shall become a Full Member or an Associate Member of the Association unless his application for membership has been approved by the Executive Committee of the Association.

4. Trustees of the Association
There shall be three Trustees to be appointed by the Executive committee of the Association.

5. Executive Committee

  1. Management of Affairs
    (i) The management of affairs of the Association shall be entrusted to an Executive Committee consisting of all the officers of the Association and three other members.
    (ii) The Executive committee shall be empowered to appoint such sub-committees as it thinks fit to assist it in carrying out its functions.
    (iii) In the event of a vacancy occurring on the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee shall have the power to fill such a vacancy for the rest of the term of office.
  2. Officers
    The Officers of the Association shall be:
    (i) President
    (ii) Vice-President I
    (iii) Vice-President I I
    (iv) Secretary
    (v) Assistant Secretary
    (vi) Treasurer
    (vii) Financial Secretary
    (viii) Public Relation Officer / Publicity Secretary
    (ix) Internal Auditor
  3. Tenure of Office
    The Tenure of Office of members of the Executive Committee shall be for a term of two years in first instance and may be re-elected for a second term of the same period. A member can hold the same office for two terms only.
  4. Executive Committee Meetings
    (i) The Executive Committee shall meet as often as the business of the Association shall require and at least thrice a year.
    (ii) The quorum at Executive Committee meetings shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and any two other members.
    (iii)For every Executive Committee meeting, the Secretary shall give members a minimum of fourteen days notice in writing.

6. Financial Year
The Financial year of the Association shall commence on the 1st of April and end on the 31st March.

7. Annual Subscription
The annual subscription which shall become due for payment from 1st October shall be N1000 per Full Member and N500 per Associate Member and Student Member.

8. Funds of the Association

a)      The Executive Committee shall be empowered to raise funds from sources other than subscription from time to time to further the aims of the Association.

b)      The funds of the Association shall be lodged with a reputable bank to be decided by the Executive Committee. All cheques shall be signed jointly by the Treasurer and the President or in the absence of the President by a Vice-President or the Secretary.

c)      The accounts of the Association shall be audited by competent Auditor appointed by the Executive Committee.

9. Annual General Meetings

(a) Time

There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Association on a date to be decided by the Executive Committee.

(b) Activities
At every such meeting, there shall be a review of the activities and finance of the Association during the preceding twelve months. The President and the Secretary shall submit a report of the activities of the Association and the Treasurer a Statement of the income and expenditure. The accounts of the Association shall have been duly audited by a duly qualified person specified by the Executive Committee. There shall be an election to the Executive Committee whenever the need arises.

(c) Quorum
The quorum at an Annual General Meeting shall be formed by twenty-five members.

(d) For every Annual General Meeting, the Secretary shall give members twenty-one clear days notice in writing.

(e) Procedure at Elections
(i) Elections shall be by postal ballot; the votes shall be counted and the results declared at the Annual General Meeting.
(ii) Every officer shall be eligible for re-election once.
(iii) Only financial full members shall be entitled to stand for election.
(iv) Only financial members shall be entitled to vote.

10. Amendment of the Constitution
(a) An amendment to this Constitution may be made by a resolution passed by a two-third majority of members present and voting at the Annual General Meeting. Only financial members shall be entitled to vote.
(b) Any member who wishes to move an alteration or addition to the Constitution shall give the Secretary at least forty-two clear days notice before such meeting is held, and the Secretary shall give at least twenty- one clear days notice to members, before the date of meeting.

11. Interpretation Clause
The phrase “Professional concerned with Yoruba Studies” in clause 3(b) (I) of this Constitution shall be interpreted to refer to someone engaged in:
(a) The teaching of, or research in, Yoruba language, literature and culture at higher levels of education;
(b) Creative writing in Yoruba; or
(c) Critical writing on Yoruba.

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